Welcome to my site, “All Matched Up”!

My name is Eric. I play drums in a band called “Diesel Pigeons”. However, I also like to record music.¬† I have recorded a bunch of songs with a bunch of different bands, and am interested in working with you! I am a Music Tech major at UMBC, and have also have access to the recording studios on the campus. ¬†This studio is fully stocked with a wide arsenal of mics, a great tracking room, and a control room running Pro-Tools 7 HD, with an array of top-notch plug-ins. I charge a low price per each song, which includes the recording, producing and mixing of the session.

I mix all the sessions at my home studio, which is stocked with everything you can find on the “Gear List” page. I’m just down to make your songs be as gnarly as they can be, ya dig?

Photo by Carah Goldoust