All Matched Up Recording is owned and run by Eric Taft, and has been providing affordable services and resources for bands on tight budgets since 2009! We operate out of two different studios: The UMBC Recording studio, and Eric’s home recording studio. Both studios are available when you/your band works with All Matched Up, giving endless possibilities to make your project as awesome and as professional as it can possibly be!

Eric Taft
Eric is the owner of All Matched Up, and the head engineer as well. He has played with many different bands and been involved in a variety of musical endeavors, including the “Matt and Eric Music” YouTube series. He is currently a student at UMBC studying music technology.

Matt Nepo
Matt co-produces alongside Eric. He has a great ear for harmonies and melodies, as well as seemingly endless insight on song structure and general songwriting. He has spent time touring and playing with the largely popular, now defunct, “Rescue The Hero”, as well as being involved in the “Matt and Eric Music” YouTube series. He is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the studio.