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Exciting News: Opening A New Studio!

It gives me great pleasure to announce that I am officially opening a new studio with my good friend Casey Phillips. We’ve been working for the last couple months on his brand new EP called “Hands To The Stars”, and in the process, hatched this grand idea to open up a studio of our own. Between both of us, we have years of songwriting, producing and recording experience under our belts, and more than enough gear and instruments accumulated to make this studio an insane opportunity for all that want to work in it! We are beginning renovation and designing as soon as possible, and hope to be booking bands right at the start of the new year! Be on the look out.

Buzzlounge Recording Studio


It’s the way of the future!

All Matched Up now has Pro Tools 9!






Working on the next album for “The Match-Up”!

I’ve been spending the last few days tracking 8 new songs for my project called “The Match-Up”, and everything’s sounding really great! Songs should be out relatively soon! Check out this video about it!

A new mic in the family!

Went out and picked up this new mic, its a Blue Bluebird, and it sounds awesome! particularly on drums. i’m really stoked on it!



You can hear it on this new cover i did tonight with it!

New Amp! :D

Went out this week and bought me a present! haha.  Picked up a Bugera 1990 head (emulates a Marshall JCM900) from my buddy Lee Hallett who used to play in Lefthandout, and a brand new Orange PPC 212. Hear it on the upcoming “A Fall For The Scene” single! Its gonna be hot!

Another weekend in the studio with “A World Away”!

Hey guys!

I’ve been working on some tracks that i just recorded this weekend with “A World Away”, for their upcoming release! The songs sound sick, so be on a lookout for those!

Check out the last two songs i did with them over at their facebook page, too!!/pages/A-World-Away/182255338466538?v=app_2405167945

Have a great day, everyone!


Happy Holidays from Matt and Eric Music!

Matt and I just posted a brand new chrismas cover of “Santa Claus is Coming To Town”! Check it out! Recorded, mixed and mastered right in the basement studio in 4 hours!