All listed rates are “per song”

UMBC Studio Recording Rates:

Tracking/Producing/Mixing/Mastering of a fully instrumented song – $125

Tracking/Producing/Mixing/Mastering of an acoustic* song – $75


Record 3 fully instrumented songs with me at regular price, and get a FREE acoustic song recorded. *


Record 5 songs with me at regular price and get a 6th recorded for FREE


Single low price for double the work! Most studios can charge $150+ per song to mix, and at $50+ to master each song. I will do both for a fraction of the cost. Mixing of sessions can include tuning of vocal tracks in Melodyne if desired/required, at no extra cost.


Both myself and my good friend Matt Nepo collectively have plenty of musical experience between us especially when it comes to a recording setting.  If you’re short one man, we can help compensate on drums, guitar, bass, piano, percussion, or singing some harmonies!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are unable to make it to a session that we have scheduled, and fail to inform me within 48 hours of the session, there will be an additional $30 cancellation/rescheduling fee. I work to make sessions at times that are most convenient for bands, so its only fair that you keep me informed!

If you are interested in working with me, or have any questions, email me at at

*What qualifies as an acoustic song?

I’m defining an acoustic song as a song that is only comprised of acoustic guitar, vocals, and possibly percussion such as tambourine.